Testimonials from clients

"Receiving Rosen Bodywork Method from Linda has changed my life. Before seeing her, I struggled with anxiety on a regular basis. But after the fourth session, it had left entirely. This beautiful therapy allowed me to go into my body and pull out the root of my anxiety. Linda's nurturing presence made for a safe space for me to feel my deepest wounds and griefs which in turn helped the anxiety pass on. There is so much we hold in our body physically as a result of trauma and survival. I recommend this therapy to all as it truly understands the mind-body connection, and Linda holds the heart of this work in her warm, gentle touch."

Abby Nace


"In the past five months, I have received five treatments from Linda Frisone. My presenting issues were from past and present injuries due to car accidents. On the advice of a friend I attended a session with Linda Frisone. I began Rosen therapy to help relieve pain in my arms and neck. Little did I know the additional benefits I would receive? My entire body  is more flexible. I feel significantly less joint and muscle stiffness. I’ve been able to increase my physical activity without as much concern for injury. And Linda, my therapist, lets me know things I can do between visits to help keep my body working smoothly. But what I truly did not expect are the mental benefits of Rosen. It makes me a calmer more introspective, and more relaxed person. And not just during the treatment, but during the intervals between treatments. Every day I breathe more slowly and deeply. I am not as easily frustrated. I am more composed,  tolerant, and considerate. Linda is a well trained, gifted Rosen therapist who truly takes an interest in her client's health and well being. She helps me to be a better, healthier, me.”

Barbara Lagorio

“Linda's listening hands and presence helped me sink into myself and relax. She provided the safety and support for me to explore my connection to myself and how I relate to the world. She facilitated my awareness of possibilities, which in turn enlarged my perspective.Many images and metaphors came to me during our work, and I realized that these were metaphors of spiritual connection and transcendence. This is very special and valuable work.”

Elizabeth Smith

"The work I have done in my sessions with Linda has been life-changing. Linda’s presence is calming and soothing; as she guides me through the Rosen process, she does not hesitate to challenge me to reach that connection between body and mind. I am extremely grateful for Linda as I begin to lead a more authentic life. It is truly freeing."

Vicky Keller

Testimonial: “I have had more than two years of Linda's work. My experience is that I am in the hands of a phenomenal bodyworker and Rosen practitioner. Linda's contact is gentle and she practices with sensitivity to the whole person. She listens with ears and hands/fingers, attending to a client's words/breath. Linda works from her heart and has helped me heal and re-member at deep levels of being and consciousness.”

Roberta Whitney